Boston Celtics: A Chance For Tatum And Brown To Show Full Potential

With a year where he was supposed to have a breakout season. Tatum couldn’t get the touches he needed to show his full potential. But that can change if the Boston Celtics focus on building around Tatum.

Boston has the chance to focus entirely on the youth on this team. Young guys like Rozier, Jaylen Brown, Robert Williams,and most importantly Jayson Tatum. The youth on this team can be the greatest asset to the Boston Celtics than any other team in the NBA.

With Jayson Tatum being one of the most talked about rookies two seasons ago. He came off a 2018-2019 season where he just averaged 15.9 ppg. A stat that many thought would be in the higher percentiles. Not only that. There were times where he didn’t seem like himself on the court.

Most of that primarily due to the fact that the ball was mostly in Irving’s hands. Also most plays were usually for Horford or, a not fully healthy Gordon Hayward. The offense never seemed to focus on Tatum or the other guys though. Those guys would have to get there buckets however they needed to get them.

With free agency coming and Irving exploring options on where to sign. It’s highly unlikely that Boston would be a destination for Kyrie with recent rumors of him going to New York or Brooklyn.

With that being said. Why not put all the focus you have as an organization to Tatum and the young guys. Not ideally rebuilding but focusing on a better future for the team and a better opportunity for Tatum, Rozier and Brown to show their full potential.

The 2018 playoffs were a tease of what those guys were capable of doing. Why break them up for just one superstar player? Why should the Boston Celtics focus on all that when they have what they need right in front of them?


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