2014 NBA Draft Boston Celtics First-Pick Options

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The 2014 NBA Draft is just two days away, and the Boston Celtics are poised to  dramatically improve their roster with two picks in the first round.

I’ve held off on doing prospect profiles until now, because frankly, if I had attempted to do a profile on every player the Celtics worked out, I would have been fired from my real job three weeks ago.

Now that Boston has narrowed its sights down to a handful of players, though, it’s time to size them up and determine which one would be the better long-term fit for the Cs.   Keep the phrase “long-term” in mind as I do this – there are some players who might have a bigger impact in the first year, but I am more interested in figuring out which player will help the Celtics achieve a level of consistency along the lines of the San Antonio Spurs.

Sound lofty?  Not when your favorite team is the winningest team in NBA history!

Let’s examine Boston’s options when it comes to the number six pick in the draft.

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