May 3, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics small forward Paul Pierce (34) warms up before the start of game six of the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs against the New York Knicks at TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Pierce Reportedly Believes That He is Done as a Celtic

Throughout the past few NBA seasons Paul Pierce has been in numerous trade conversations. Even last season there was talk that he could be traded to the Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Hawks and Toronto Raptors.

Because the Boston Celtics’ rebuild is starting sooner rather than later, Pierce believes that his time with the Celtics has finally come to an end according to CSNNE’s sideline reporter Greg Dickerson. Here’s what Dickerson had to say:

“I don’t think they will (bring Pierce back),” Dickerson said Sunday on CSNNE. “And I know that the company that Paul Pierce hangs around in, they do not believe – and I don’t think Paul Pierce believes – that he is going to be brought back next year at $15 million.”

-Greg Dickerson

This is just speculation, at best. It has some validity to it, but Dickerson does not speak for Pierce. Until Pierce comes out and comments on the situation himself or Danny Ainge makes a move, we can only take what becomes available to us with a grain of salt.

Dickerson also went on to talk about the implications of Pierce leaving and losing Kevin Garnett in the process. Garnett, himself, said that Pierce would definitely be apart of his thought process and whether he returns or not.

These are two great players who will go down in history as some of the best players to ever play the game. Seeing this happen right before our very eyes is troublesome–this could be a very ugly divorce that breaks up the Kevin Garnett era in Celtics’ history.

Pierce is due $15 million dollars next season, but all of that contract is not fully guaranteed. He’s guaranteed about $6 million next season, so if Danny Ainge would like to buy his contract out he could definitely do so. It wouldn’t be a hefty chunk of cash that goes against the cap and it could give him more leverage in bringing in other pieces to try and move in a different direction.

Whatever happens between these two sides, we should forever cherish the time that we have been able to watch them work in harmony to bring the Celtics’ franchise success and restore the former glory that it once held for so many years.

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