Dec 19, 2010; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics commentator and former player Tommy Heinsohn (left) chats with James I. Cash (right) of the Celtic ownership group before the game against the Indiana Pacers at the TD Garden. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE

Celtics Legend Tommy Heinsohn Turns 78 Today

Celtics legend, player, coach, and broadcaster Tommy Heinsohn turns 78 today. I’ve known him for the last nineteen years as the Celtics color commentator on Comcast SportsNet New England. From “I love Walter” to complaining about the refs, Tommy has made it extremely fun to watch Celtics games.

Tommy has always been considered a homer, and there is no doubt he looks through the green glasses every game, but he has also been a guy that I have learned a lot from when it comes to basketball. Throughout the course of a game, he’ll notice things the Celtics aren’t doing correctly like playing tight enough defense on a certain player, the way the team sets up the offense, and even small things like not hustling enough. Clearly his experience as a coach, and being a player under Red Auerbach, still sticks with him today.

Besides Tommy’s rants, he makes games fun because he expresses what every die-hard Celtics fan is yelling at the TV screen every night. When the Celtics are on TNT or ABC, it just isn’t the same. Call me a homer, which I am, but when I watch my team play, I don’t like having the game analyzed by neutral commentators.

Growing up as a kid, when the Celtics would go on a run, which didn’t happen quite often in the late 90′s and early 2000′s, his excitement kept me interested in the game even when we weren’t good. The years I remember the most were in the days of Rick Pitino, maybe its because thats when I began to watch the Celtics religiously, but I’d contribute most of that to Tommy Heinsohn.

Ever since I started watching, Tommy has made every season memorable, and it’s been great to have him as a color commentator during the Big Three era. Happy birthday Tommy Heinsohn, I hope to continue to hear very insightful yet very Celtics biased color commentary for many more seasons!

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    HaPPy BirtHDaY Tom Heinshon!!! Look forward to more of your commentating this coming season…only one not afraid to call it the way it is…love love love your stylish bravado…need more of your unbiased call-outs on the refs & “star Playahs” HaPPy BirthDaY!!!

  • Canadian Bird

    Happy Birthday Tommy!! The author summed up my feelings to a T. Of course I only want to watch Tommy and Mike broadcast the C’s!! So much so that I went through the trouble this offseason of obtaining a Direct TV dish and service so I can get Comcast Sports NE – my wife and I spent close to a $1000 primarily for Tommy and Mike (I got her into basketball/the C’s – now she is big fan of the Dynamic Duo also). Doesn’t sound like a big deal….but when you are a Canadian and live in Canada (Direct TV is not allowed to sell to Canadians)….it is a BIG DEAL !! :-) Shhhhhhh – it has to be our little secret.

    Oh well….if they send me to the big house, I will ask to be transferred to a US/Boston jail that carries Mike and Tommy – I’m not giving up my Homer broadcasts!!
    Hey Tommy – can I maybe get a Tommy point for that effort :-) We love you, big guy – keep those refs honest (and make sure Mike doesn’t jinx the free throws ha ha).
    Best wishes for this birthday and many more to come,Your fans north of the border :-)
    PS – Go C’s…..Go Tommy and Mike!!