Rajon Rondo Hosts Charity Classic

Do you park your car in Harvard Yard? Well, you do if you want to see what might be your only opportunity for professional basketball players playing basketball in the Boston area this season. Rajon Rondo rallied a host of NBA players to play an exhibition game just down Storrow drive, a few miles for the Garden. Held at that famed Cambridge institute of higher learning, the event, billed as the Boston Charity classic, helped raise money for three local charities.

Players such as Paul Pierce, Nate Robinson, Rudy Gay, Leon Powe and Kendrick Perkins all stopped by to play in a game full of excitement and just enough action to make Celtics fans forget about the current labor situation.  The game benefitted the following Charities in the Boston area: SPIN, Sojourner House, and the Crossroads Family Shelter.

The mood was light in a game where the stats where not counted, but the current labor situation hovered over the players like a black cloud. Each player helped make this star-studded event a success. Once the game was over, the mood shifted back to what is on the forefront of everyone’s agenda, the NBA labor situation. Always lurking in the background, we try our best to forget, but we simply cannot. Well, it was nice to see some of our favorite current and former Celtics on the court once again. The game may not have meant something in the standings, but it meant a whole lot to the three charities. At least some good can come out of this, let’s just hope this isn’t the only hoops we see this season.

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