Dallas Mavericks Sign Corey Brewer AKA The Anti Mike Bibby

Mike Bibby shocked the world by trading millions for a legitimate shot at a title. Corey Brewer took the most money available for a shot at losing in the Western Conference Finals.

In fairness, the Mavericks still held onto a mid level exception and could offer Brewer millions versus the prorated veterans minimum the Boston Celtics or Miami Heat could offer due to their current salary situations.

Brewer is known for outstanding defense and the Mavs made the right choice nabbing the prize of the buyout free agents not named Troy Murphy.

The signing is easier to handle now that the Celtics have landed Troy Murphy, Brewer would have been a solid addition, but he does not bring the type of versatility similar to what Troy Murphy has to offer.

The deal is believed to be a multi year contract in the two million dollar range. The 6’9″ Brewer has averaged 8.6 points per game this season playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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  • D

    This is a waste of cyberspace. Just because he didnt want Boston’s pittance of a salary doesnt make him the anti-bibby. Bibby made a terrible financial decision and Brewer not only helped secure his financial future but signed with the hottest and now the deepest team in the NBA.

  • blcloney

    That is the reason he is the anti Bibby. Bibby wanted to win and chose a legitimate team to latch onto. Brewer would not have signed with Dallas if Dallas did not have the mid level exception.

    With the pending labor issue, everyone’s financial future is in doubt. The odds are slim that the Mavericks will win whilst Mark Cuban is the owner.

    • J

      Mavs still have their MLE… Bring some intelligence to the comments, please

  • blcloney

    Have the terms of the contract been officially released? Regardless, the Mavericks could offer more money than most contending teams making them the more likely option for Brewer.

    I appreciate him as a player and this could be a steal for the Mavs, anything he is able to chip in on the offensive end would be a bonus.

  • shockedmy

    “Mike Bibby shocked the world by trading millions for a legitimate shot at a title.”

    hello?! he didn’t shock the world with his decision to give up 6M; not even a lot of people know or care about it.

  • Your Mom

    I think an NBA player forgoing any amount of money is shocking. Plus, he plays for the Heat and based on their coverage, the world does know.

  • Doug

    How is this stupid for Corey brewer the author of this article is stupid please explain how a team who has beat Boston and Miami twice and has the deepest bench in the league and the best team in the west with Dirk is not a legitament final contender. Boston has to deal with the Heat, Magic, Hawks, Bulls, and Knicks. Mavs have to deal with Spurs and lakers…. The author of this article is idiotic and blind

  • Your Mom

    @Doug, The Mavs have lost in the first round 3 out of the last 4 years. You are also missing the point of this post as it is a Boston Celtics based blog. Get a life and get a new team.

  • blcloney

    Excellent comments everyone. I think some people are missing the basis of the post. The Mavs made a solid choice by picking Corey Brewer and I wish the Celtics would have signed him, however, in my opinion he still chose money over winning. It is more likely that Boston or Miami will make the Finals than the Mavericks will.

    • b

      Turns out he chose the right team after all; not being sarcastic, but I’m just saying good for him.

  • dxkraus

    Ya’ll just keep talking about the Mavs. Of course, you might want to watch some basketball before you make a bunch of dumb ass statements based on what completely different teams did in the past.

    Excellent comments, you bunch of in-breds.

  • Your Mom

    I agree, to many Mavs fans here. Face.

  • dxkraus

    Of course, Mom. In-breds like to keep it in the “family”, right? That way you can have your lame uninformed opinions based on the fact that none of you has ever been west of Hartford.

  • dxkraus

    Wow, thanks to b for reminding me about a bunch of loser Celtic fans posting b.s. about the glory of their team. As they say in Winnersville, “Scoreboard.”