The Celtics Worst Nightmare – Daily Poll

Yesterdays Poll Results: “If Celtics fans were Danny Ainge they would try to trade Ray Allen and Glen Davis in exchange for Gerald Wallace, Boris Diaw, and D.J Augustin.”

Tonight the Boston Celtics choked up yet another game in the second half, more importantly the third quarter. So far this season they have blown double digit leads in games against Orlando (2), L.A Lakers, Philadelphia, Dallas, Golden State, Detroit, Atlanta, L.A Clippers, and now the New Orleans Hornets. This is becoming a huge problem and disappointing Celtics fans everywhere. In almost all of these games the Celtics have come out to play for at least 36 minutes, it’s just that one quarter, particularly the third, that ends up killing the team. That leads us to today’s question of:

Are the Celtics third quarter collapses something that can be fixed?

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  • North Station Sports

    The starters are becoming increasingly alarming. The trend has been, the Celtics starters build a modest lead and start clinging to it. The 2nd unit is inserted with a burst of energy (Thanks Quis) and extends the lead. Half time hits, the starters come out with zero energy and looking totally uninspired. They lose the lead dramatically. Celtics lose. The End.

  • greenbanner18

    There… that is your recap of the year for the Celtics.

  • Hooper

    I’ve been a loyal Celtic fan since Cousy, and I’m an old BB coach. The Celts are frustrated, down, and humorless. The antidote now is very short or no practices, some goofy games with goofy prizes (both negative and positive). Example. l5 minute “practice” — everybody in underpants, faces painted green or white. One drill: shoot from sitting position, `5 feet from basket, blindfolded. Prize for basket: one lollipop. Another drill: pushing peanut with butt from end line to half-court. Prize: peanut. Loosen up. The world is still round. We all die eventually. My prize? Send me a couple tickets. I’ll root like hell.