Breaking Down Paul Pierce - With Shot Chart

I am just trying out something new, and there is no guarantee I will continue to do it for every game. If I do, I will always continue to try and improve on what I have currently made, as it is basically just a rough draft of what I expected it to be.

Tonight I decided to keep a special eye on Paul Pierce as he has not been the same player from the field that we got used to in the beginning of the season. I don’t know if it was because his knee was bothering him, or simply because he had not gotten back into the swing of things since having a couple of weeks off. What really swayed me to break down Paul Pierce and no other player came from down the stretch of last game against the Atlanta Hawks. The Truth was missing his trademark fade away jumper from the top of the key. Last game he finished with 19 points, but still didn’t seem to completely have it. So here is a chart of how he looked tonight:

 6-9 FG  /  3-5 3′s  /  9-9 FT  /  24 Points

Again, it isn’t the prettiest thing I’ve ever made, but it will work for now. Obviously the x’s are misses and circles are makes. I guess I should remember a key next time too, huh? So anyways, Pierce only took 9 shots because he only had to play for 28 minutes. He mixed it up fairly well with going to the hoop, and setting up for 3. He was feeling it from deep, and his only 2 misses were shots that were right on. As you can see on the shot chart he was in a groove and shot a real deep three that rattled home.

 His 3 attempts in and around the basket included a great dunk, an and-1, and an easy layup that was a result from him slashing through the lane. The one miss from the spot I was really looking for him to shoot from, went in and out. Overall, I have no complaints over the offensive game of Paul Pierce tonight. Although the New Jersey defense wasn’t anything to brag about, it was good to see him hitting the shots we saw him hit, for what seemed to be everytime down the floor in the first few games of this season.

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  • KWillis

    Like the breakdown, the shot chart looks good. I have seen a lot worse. Something I meant to ask you was I felt like the Celtics went away from Pierce in the 4th qtr against the Hawks. Now I haven’t rewatched it to make sure. I remember him getting the ball early and driving setting up Perkins for a dunk, I remember him missing a fade away that the Hawks actually contested really well but then there was a long stretch where he didn’t touch the ball. Now that might be because he is hurting or with Doc out they just didn’t go to him. That is what I thought I saw but keep in mind haven’t watched the 4th qtr again to see if this actually happened.

  • greenbanner18

    Pierce missed the last 3 shots he took in this game, 2 of which were jumpers and 1 of which was a 3. 2 were in the 4th, and 1 with under a minute left in the 3rd. He also turned the ball over twice in the 4th. You are right in saying he didnt take an extreme amount of shots down the stretch, but the shots he did take he didn’t make. Most of this is coming from all the times this year where we expect him to be superman (flashback to Chicago Bulls Round 1 Game 5) {} and he just isn’t making those shots we have come to expect. Good defense or not, like in that video there is good defense, he can hit that shot when he is on. I’m not worried about him getting his stride back, its juts from the Hawks game on Monday and back a little ways, he hasnt hit them. Thanks for commenting and showing some Pierce love haha.

  • KWillis

    Appreciate the stats, obviously I know he is good enough to make shots with people on them. You watch the Celtics more than I do. He clearly doesn’t look like he is moving well to me. That said I thought if they had put him on the block the other night the Hawks would have either had to double team him or he would have got the foul. Of course when he is set on fading away maybe that is not the case. Anyway love the shot breakdown, Good stuff. Don’t be offended if I steal the idea.

  • greenbanner18

    Go for it- But don’t try to do shot charts on all of the players, its hard enough doing it on one player haha.

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