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Excuse my roaming somewhat off topic for a moment while I break into a little discussion over something I saw in last nights game, and have noticed over the past few years. I will apologize upfront for what I see as excessive use of videos, however it feels that is the only way I can express my point without getting the whole, “NO. You don’t have any proof of that” cliche.

Josh Smith is a shot blocker. Lebron James is… ALMOST a shot blocker. I say that because Josh Smith takes players one on one and stuffs them. Realize, this opens him to the risk of being posterized. He doesn’t care. This is the video of what Josh Smith did on Kendrick Perkins last night (Again, excuse me for the low quality youtube video I have selected as it was the only one available).

Kendrick Perkins could have gone right through Smith and made him look bad. That is the risk you take with being a shot blocker. This is not the first time he has done this, though, and this is how he has blocked shots throughout his career. Just look at this video for examples on how he takes on players who could potentially throw it down in his face.

Now, watch this video of Lebron James and tell me if you see anything different……….

What I hope you see, because this is what I have seen in highlights on ESPN, as well as watching Lebron live on television, is that he is always coming from behind, or over to help, so he has no chance of being dunked on. Why? He must protect his image because that is the only way anyone can block a player with zero risk of embarassment. Remember, NO ONE can dunk on Lebron James.

Not even Jordon Crawford…….

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