Rajon Rondo or Eddie House?

Coming down the stretch of last nights game, Eddie House was playing the point instead of Rajon Rondo. It wasn’t until 1:41 left in the fourth that Rondo reentered the game with the score Orlando 80 Boston 78. Rondo finished the game with only 29 minutes played, nearly 3 and a half minutes below his average, in the biggest game so far this year.

Doc said he went with Eddie through the 4th because Eddie helped stretch the floor, and was playing great on defense. The problem with this philosophy? Eddie went 1-7 from the floor and 1-4 from behind the arc. Link this with only 1 assist from House, and you cant help but question the move. Of course lets remember that hindsight is 20-20 (maybe even 20-10) so its easy to look back and say it was maybe the wrong move.

I thought, at first, it was a great move. When Rondo was in they were just peeling Williams right off him and jamming the middle. Then you put Eddie out there and they have to respect his shot. He certainly spreads the floor with his game yet really isn’t a passer. Therefore, when he is missing, he doesn’t provide much to the offense.

As for defensively, I think Rondo could play just as good of defense as Eddie can, when Eddie is playing at his best. To wait until a minute and 41 seconds left in the game, to bring in a cold player in Rondo who has been sitting on the bench for probably the past 30-40 minutes of real time, sounds like a wasted sub. That late sub doesn’t give him the time to make one of his defensive steals, or to set up the offense like he can.

In the end, Doc went with his gut. You’d have to imagine he thought Eddie would eventually knock a couple of those big shots down, and it would propel us to victory. That obviously never happened, and taking a shot at running a shooter on the floor at the point guard position down the home stretch was but a small part in the reason the Celtics lost last night. Again, we look back and say it failed, yet I trust every move Doc has to make- he has earned it.

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