Rasheed Wallace To Return To The Celtics?

As soon as the Celtics cleared some room on the roster yesterday, the rumors began to fly that Rasheed Wallace was about to return to the Celtics for another run at a title. Depending on where you look, Sheed will or will not come out of retirement and rejoin the Boston Celtics.

The long standing assumption has been that Rasheed Wallace would wait until after the NBA trade deadline to make a comeback. Wallace still remains in the Boston area which is helping to add fuel to the rumor.

What weeks ago seemed not likely is now looking more and more like a good idea with the rash of injuries the Celtics are facing. By trading Kendrick Perkins and Semih Erden, the Celtics must now rely on Shaquille O’Neal to provide them with quality minutes from the 5 spot.

Rasheed Wallace’s future with the Boston Celtics will most likely come down to where Troy Murphy chooses to sign as a free agent. Murphy was recently traded to the Golden State Warriors and should be bought out of his contract within the next few days. With Boston, Miami and Orlando as likely destinations, the Celtics could turn and put the hard sell on Rasheed Wallace should they miss out on Murphy.

Wallace is technically a free agent and is free to sign with a team of his choosing. The Celtics waived Wallace after the 2009/2010 season to pave the way for his retirement.

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