Pierce Wants To Face Allen In 3 Point Shootout

Celtic captain Paul Pierce took to the powers of Twitter to lobby the NBA to put he and Celtic teammate Ray Allen in this year’s NBA three point contest held during All Star weekend.

Said Pierce via his Twitter account: “I think me and Ray Allen need to have a shootout in this years 3pt contest what y’all think come on NBA make it happen.”

The NBA would be wise to make this happen, Pierce is the reigning champ and Ray Allen is on the verge of becoming the NBA’s all time leader in three pointers, both are worthy selections and most fans would rather see them compete over some random guy from the Timberwolves.

Should the NBA not come through on this, we at HardwoodHoudini.com are willing to hold the event in our driveway. The hoop may only be 8.5 feet (don’t judge, I am sure my neighbors do not mind seeing a slightly over weight man in his early 30′s throwing down awesome dunks) and tilt slightly to the left, but we would gladly hold the event and will provide spectators with some light refreshments and an assortment of the finest meats and cheeses.

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    Allen will definitely beat Peirce in 3 point shootout.

  • Brian

    I think he will too. Ray Allen is just to good of a shooter.

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      Allen is really a good 3 point shooter and we all saw his moves on the NBA.

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    lets just see what will happen

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    who won the 3point shootout?

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