Kevin Garnett: The Missing Ticket

If you have not yet heard, Kevin Garnett missed tonight’s game against Indiana with a bruised right thigh. The team stresses that this is not a serious injury and that he was sidelined so he could get extra rest. Is this something to be overly concerned about? It’s really hard not to be with all the stuff that went down last year with this guy.

The team did say however that Garnett participated in the morning walk through and a shoot around earlier in the day. According to ESPN’s Chris Forsberg, Doc Rivers made the final decision before tip-off after noticing Garnett walking uncomfortably. As you all would assume it was not easy for Doc to get KG to sit out for the game, but in the end Garnett listened to his coach and did not suit up.

 “He wasn’t thrilled with it, but I think he’s better this year than he was last year,” said Rivers. “[Monday], he actually sat down in practice and [Celtics captain] Paul [Pierce] walked over to him and said, ‘Wow, someone’s growing up.’ You know, instead of fighting it.

Garnett is a warrior there is no doubt about that. According to the article by Forsberg the injury occurred on Nov. 14 against Memphis, but KG did not reveal the injury until earlier today. So was the injury affecting him? Lets take a look at his numbers since he got banged up in the game against the Grizzlies.

 In a loss against Philadelphia on the 18th Garnett dropped in 21 points on 5-14 shooting and grabbed ten rebounds. Nothing to bad right? In his only other game following the “injury” against Minnesota, Garnett dropped in 10 points on 4-5 shooting and grabbed eight boards. Both of these were solid games for Garnett and he showed no signs of injury in neither one of these games.

Hopefully we are being told the truth here and this will be only a one game rest for Garnett. The numbers show that the injury was not affecting him horribly and Doc Rivers does not expect him to miss any part of the road trip. As a disclaimer Rivers also noted that his injury has nothing to do with Garnett’s surgically repaired knee.

Let’s all pray before we go to bed tonight that Garnett will be on the court on Christmas day as the Celtics look for revenge against Orlando. All I want for Christmas is to see KG pounding his chest in celebration of a victory over the Orlando Magic.

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