3 trades the Boston Celtics can make that center around Enes Kanter

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Here are three trade scenarios that would allow the Boston Celtics to upgrade their front-court without touching their prized core of wings–to move on from Enes Kanter, who has largely been a disappointment this season.

Starting December 15th, NBA rules stipulate that players signed over the summer are now eligible to be traded. This means that virtually every single player in the NBA is now fair game (legally speaking, of course). For the Boston Celtics, this finally means that they can trade center Enes Kanter. This is a day many Celtics fans have been counting down to with giddy anticipation, given Kanter’s relative ineffectiveness on the court and his choice in jeans.

As many have harped on incessantly about, their biggest hole thus far has been rim protection. Kanter has been awful in that regard. He’s not a deterrent at the rim whatsoever, and is a liability when caught in the pick-and-roll.

If there is any stat that sums up Kanter’s on-court effectiveness most succinctly, it’s that the Boston Celtics are 7-7 when he plays more than 10 minutes, and 10-0 when he plays less than. And although he’s been serviceable as a bench scorer and an effective glass-gobbler, particularly on offense, he is clearly the odd man out in the Celtics front court.

Given how much money and resources the Celtics have committed to the core 5 players (Gordon Hayward, Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Marcus Smart), Kanter is the likeliest candidate for a trade. Here are three trade scenarios that could see Kanter leaving town that allows the Celtics a serious upgrade in the front-court.

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