Boston Celtics: Brad Stevens should consider Robert Williams as a starter

Last season, Robert Williams showed glimpses of potentially being a defensive force in this league. He followed his interesting rookie campaign by surprising many Boston Celtics fans during this year’s Summer league with some impressive play. Could a few more stellar showings thrust him into a starting gig?

With the NBA season approaching and training camp underway Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics are trying to figure out what the roster will end up looking like when the season starts. With many players fighting for a messily roster spot Robert Williams stands out as one guy who will be fighting for a starting position.

With the signing of Enes Kanter over the summer Boston looks set on what they intend on doing with the Turkish journeyman. Many believe Kanter will be a starter and many also believe that he should come off the bench. With preseason play coming up, the Boston Celtics should definitely utilize Williams with Kemba Walker, Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Gordon Hayward.

I personally think Williams has matured as a player and is ready to play his role on this team which will primarily be focused on defense. I understand everyone in the league is trying to play small ball. After all, there has been much success recently with these types of lineups. But when you have a guy like Williams, you can’t pass up the opportunity to give him a shot as a starter.

With Robert Williams’ length and athleticism on defense and his versatility on offense, it seems a bit absurd as to why Brad Stevens and the coaching staff wouldn’t want to give him a shot as a starter. Not only that, but he’s been a part of the system and knows what the coaching staff is expecting out of him.

Small ball might be the way to go for Boston but when you posses a defensive force like Robert Williams I don’t know why they would want to pass up on having him as a starter.

I’m hoping he gets his shot this season, and when he does I hope he takes full advantage of it.

Here’s to rooting for Robert!