Three players the Boston Celtics could target with a first round draft pick

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The Boston Celtics are reportedly looking to deal one of their first round selections in the 2019 NBA Draft. Who exactly might they target with the #14, #20 or #22 pick(s)?

The Boston Celtics are a product with a lot of fluids parts. Who knows who might be retained with the free agents Boston has potentially testing the waters.

Kyrie Irving is one superstar who’s likely to swim off into a different current. The “Uncle Drew” star and the Brooklyn Nets reportedly seem locked in on each other. It will take a dismantling of a promising playoff team to do so, though.

Other than Irving, Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris are two guys who have the option of skipping town. Rozier could be thrown a massive offer sheet. Morris may just want a change of scenery. He did speak out after noticing locker-room flaws. 

And that’s just the free agent happenings. Danny Ainge might just have a whole different ace up his sleeve in the trade market.

What options can he pursue, armed with the #14, #20 and #22 picks? The Boston Celtics may not be open to adding three young players to a roster that just one year ago was a game away from an Eastern Conference Championship win.

Read on to dream on:

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