Boston Celtics: three Gordon Hayward-Sacramento Kings trades

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One of the premiere headlines this offseason will be the Boston Celtics looking to get value for the final two years of Gordon Hayward’s contract. What trades might the Sacramento Kings be willing to make?

We’ve explored trades for Gordon Hayward before at the Houdini. It’s nothing personal. We just see the Boston Celtics improving if they can get the right package for the two years left on his exorbitant contract.

The Sacramento Kings are a potential suitor for Hayward’s services for a couple of different reasons. First, the Kings are a team that won’t be able to attract free agents themselves this offseason.

The trade market is where they can make a play. Sacramento has earned a reputation for dysfunction that few teams in the league even seem capable of reaching, so players aren’t flocking to play in California’s capital city.

Also, the Kings could use some veterans to supplement their young core. Four of their core players (D’Aaron Fox, Buddy Heild, Harry Giles, Marvin Bagley III) have under four years of experience in the league. Adding a former All-Star who showed flashes of his former self last season would be a smart add.

These are some of the trades the Boston Celtics can consider with Sacramento. Not all of them have the same goal, but they all look to add value to a Celtics team that hopes to take advantage of a wide open NBA in 2019-20:

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