Boston Celtics: three possible Clint Capela trades

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The Boston Celtics are reportedly in hot pursuit of Houston Rockets center Clint Capela. Here are three different ways they can get a deal done.

After the Houston Rockets flamed out in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, rumors began to swirl that the team can look to reshuffle its deck. The Boston Celtics, who are in a similar predicament, always seemed like an appropriate trading partner.

It appears as though we may be inching closer to what a deal would look like between the two teams. Mainly, Clint Capela appears to be the main target for the Boston Celtics. 

Boston has the pieces to make a trade work. There are several different iterations of how a deal would go down.

We’re here to explore who it would take and how the team would look afterwards. Without further ado, here are the three ways the Boston Celtics can acquire Capela this offseason:

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