Boston Celtics: Three Gordon Hayward Miami Heat trades

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Gordon Hayward was interested in signing with the Miami Heat in the summer of 2017, but it was the Boston Celtics who courted Hayward to a max deal. If Boston wants to move on from his  deal after two injury-affected years. the Miami Heat could reappear in trade talks.  The Heat have the pieces needed to make a deal work.

The Gordon Hayward situation has been a well covered topic here at the Houdini, and there is a reason. Simply put, his massive cap figure opens the door for huge deals across the league. With the Boston Celtics looking at plenty of roster turnover soon, it could be time for Danny Ainge to nuke his own creation.

Ainge is of course, no stranger to league-altering deals. He moved Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to tear down his team, and keep in mind, the pair was responsible for the first Celtics title of the new millennium. Still, Ainge had the foresight to acquire picks in exchange for a bad year or two.

The Boston Celtics don’t need to tear down, though. In fact, trading Hayward could make them better if they acquire the right pieces. Of course, the “right pieces” could come in any way, shape or form. It’s all speculative.

But that’s what makes it fun to think about. Blame NBA 2K for spoiling us millennials and giving us a (very) rough idea of what players’ roles will be alongside each other.

Today we’re engaging the Miami’s Heat in a Gordon Hayward trade. What sort of pieces for they have for Ainge’s gain? Read on to find out:

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