Three Celtics Players That Could Make A Strong Roster Bid

As baseball pennant races heat up basketball fans prepare for another upcoming NBA season. As for the Boston Celtics, they are striving for the title of Eastern Conference champions. In this post, we will examine three Celtics who will push for a roster spot.

Robert Williams-The organization’s number one draft pick has the potential to be a legitimate NBA center.  However, Williams’s maturity level is questionable. Just hours after the draft the first round pick missed his flight for his press conference.  And just as the summer league was getting underway Williams was late for the teams first practice.

In college, Williams played in 61 games averaging 11.1 points per game and 1. 4 assists per game. As for his rebounding skills, Williams totaled 530 rebounds and an impressive 155 blocked shots over a period of two years. If Williams can mature, his physical presence will be a plus for the Celtics.

Walter Lemon Jr– The former New Orleans Pelican has a total of 5 NBA games under his belt. In the span of five games Lemon averaged 3.4 points per game. He also has a reputation for being a great defender and passer. If he has a productive pre-season he will be a valuable contributor.

Brad Wanamaker– The 6’4, 209 lb swingman is an instant upgrade over Shane Larkin. Wanamaker also has six years of experience playing for team Turkey in the European League.

Head coach Brad Stevens will love Wanamaker’s versatility. With his versatility, Stevens will utilize him at both small forward and the shooting guard position. While in Europe Wanamaker averaged 12.8 points per game and 3.5 rebounds per game. With his versatility and excellent floor vision, he will provide an interesting skill set.

For the season ahead, being a head coach of any sport is extremely demanding. Along with a healthy Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, having hungry and unproven players will provide depth to an already talented playoff team.