Boston Celtics: 15 most clutch players of all-time

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Boston Celtics

(Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images)

As arguably the preeminent franchise in the NBA, the Boston Celtics history is rich with players who have thrived when it matters most.

Defining the word “clutch” regarding sports has been incredibly open-ended for a long time now. While it obviously is in reference to the winning of a tightly contested game down the stretch, it also entails putting oneself in such a position with their performance long before the games’ waning moments.

Whatever scenario may present itself at any point in a season, every team needs at least one guy they can turn to when the game is hanging in the balance or when an all-time performance is necessary to be victorious.

Over the course of their rich history, the Boston Celtics have sent 17 banners to the rafters. No team has that much success without having a plethora of players capable of winning big games. Go and look back at nearly any era of Celtics basketball, and there are sure to be multiple players who one would consider to have the clutch gene.

Given the long list of elite talent that has suited up in Boston over the years, figuring out who reigns supreme in that category is quite the task, especially when considering the various ways to evaluate such a trait.

For a Celtics organization that has prided itself on winning above all else, that task is as good a problem as there is, and it’s one that will be tackled right here. Here are the 15 most clutch players in the history of the Celtics.

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