The Utah Jazz will be great Playoff practice for the Boston Celtics

The Utah Jazz will be good playoff practical for the Boston Celtics

As March comes to a close within the next week and April begins, that only means that the NBA is one day closer to the start of the 2018 Playoffs. The Boston Celtics have already secured their spot in the postseason, however there are still teams looking to secure their spot. A perfect example of a team like this is the Utah Jazz who are desperately fighting for one of the lower seeds in the Western Conference.

With a possible R.O.Y. candidate leading the way for the Jazz, Donovan Mitchell has continuously helped pull Utah into Playoff contention in a very heated race to the finish line in the West.

For a better understanding, the Jazz are only three and a half games behind the third seeded Portland Trail Blazers. In essence, no one in the West is safe right now and the hungriest teams will do anything to get an edge on the others.

For the Celtics, they may have enough overall talent to keep them safe come Playoff time, but with the injury to star point guard Kyrie Irving sidelining him for 3-6 weeks, the Celtics could be in a good amount of trouble.

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum may have the young legs to spur some quick energy for the young Boston roster, but it probably won’t be enough to carry the team through the Playoffs.

On a more positive note, the Celtics could use their upcoming game against the Jazz as a good type of practice for what they will most likely experience in the Playoffs.

Utah is a team that is looking to secure a lower seed in the postseason and needs to win as many games as possible, which means that the Jazz are going to give Boston everything they have, from Mitchell all the way to Rudy Gobert.

If the Playoffs were to start today, the Celtics would be facing the Milwaukee Bucks in the 1st round. The Bucks are similar to the Jazz in the sense that they need to win the rest of their games and have a lot of young talent, so if Boston can handle the Jazz in a single game, it might help them prepare to face a team like Milwaukee once the Playoffs are officially upon us.