Boston Celtics: Top 30 all-time greatest players

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The 1968-69 World Champions. Copyright NBAE 2002 (Photo by NBAE/ NBAE/ Getty Images)


The rich history of the Boston Celtics is chock full with what is surely one of the best top-30 players lists of any NBA franchise. Let’s take a look.

The Boston Celtics have a storied history, and any list of Celtics all-time greatest players ever will be a veritable who’s who of Hall of Famers, multi-time All-Stars and guys with enough rings to fill an entire hand (or two-plus, in Bill Russell‘s case).

Weighing tenure and minutes played versus per-game production isn’t easy on lists like this. And never mind playoff and championship impact. It’s an impossible puzzle to truly solve, but at the same time, it’s hard to argue that there’s too many potential “wrong” answers on this list.

The ranking will span seven decades and include players who spent their entire careers in Celtic green to as few as a handful of seasons.

Let’s dive into the ranking of the 30 greatest Boston Celtics of all-time.


Larry Siegfried


  • Seven seasons with Celtics (1963-70)
  • Averaged 11.6 points per game
  • Won five NBA titles

It was a hotly-contested battle for the No. 30 spot on this list; the likes of Tiny Archibald and Kendrick Perkins both made a run for it, but the sheer dominance of the teams that Larry Siegfried co-helmed in the 1960s was enough to give him the slightest of edges.

Siegfried played sparingly as a backup guard in his first two years in Boston but slid over to the starting point guard spot in 1965-66 and was a double-figure scorer for five straight seasons, four of which ended with the Celtics emerging from the Finals victorious.

Siegfried had the good fortune of playing alongside Bill Russell in the final years of his prime, which included a few seasons of Russell serving as Boston’s player-coach while Red Auerbach moved into an executive-only role.

As it turns out, running a team that dominates virtually an entire decade of basketball is enough to land oneself on a top-30 all-time list for his franchise.

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