The Dawn Of Another Celtics Rivalry

Earlier, I argued that Boston has two new rivalries with the Wizards and Cavaliers, and that another team was on the rise of becoming a third rival. I concluded that the debate would be saved for another day, but good news, today is that other day.

The sun has begun to rise on what could be the next big rivalry of the Eastern Conference. Of course, I’m talking about the beginning of the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers rivalry.

With the additions of Markelle Fultz and Jayson Tatum to their respective squads, the rivalry that is soon to be only strengthens.

And now that the 76ers have a possible playoff-worthy lineup to compete against the Celtics with, the two teams could be seen going at each other’s throats out on the court, and lucky for us, we have at least four opportunities to witness it.

Philadelphia has been constantly improving its roster, and thus, its record over the past few years. We’ve seen them draft Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, Ben Simmons, and now Markelle Fultz.

All of these picks are now beginning to merge, and they all have shown signs of greatness (when healthy). The team has coined the phrase “Trust the Process,” and now every NBA fan can’t get enough of it.

With all of these factors starting to line up perfectly, it won’t be long until Philadelphia is competing for the Eastern Conference against Washington, Cleveland, and of course, Boston.

As I said before, the Fultz and Tatum rivalry that is soon to develop this upcoming season will only encourage a rivalry between the two Atlantic Division teams.

To be honest, I’m really looking forward to these two teams hopefully hating each other over the next few years. Because as history has shown, the two teams were bound to be rivals again, and in my opinion, this potential rivalry could make the East more interesting to watch.

With so many big players heading west, the East needs to do everything it can to secure entertaining basketball, and luckily for the East, this fetus of a rivalry will be just what the conference needs.

The NBA Preseason gave us a good preview of what to expect between the 76ers and our very own Celtics, and it made everyone very excited to see what happens when the games actually count.

The Celtics are cornered this year folks. With Washington, Cleveland, and now Philadelphia all backing them down, it’ll be interesting to see what happens. No worries though Boston fans, because the Celtics are more than capable of handling a few new rivals.