Jaylen Brown sends roller coaster of a message on Boston Celtics' upcoming playoff run

Apr 9, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown (7) warms up before a
Apr 9, 2024; Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA; Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown (7) warms up before a / Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Jaylen Brown sounded anxious and excited about the Boston Celtics' upcoming playoff run -- describing how it'll be as nightmarish to most but as a treat to those who are built for the grind -- during an interview with NBC Sports Boston's Chris Forsberg.

"The playoffs is another level in that you gotta, like, look within and just unleash whatever it is that is just inside of you to go to that next level," Brown told Forsberg. "Because it's gonna get physical, it's gonna get nasty, it's gonna get ugly. It's gonna be a battle, a war, and your team's gotta make it home. You know what I mean? So whatever you gotta do to go to that place is what you gotta do. So I'm excited about that."

Brown's language was extremely hyperbolic; using a metaphor about dying at any moment to get the point across about the urgency the postseason brings out of a player.

"You gotta be ready to die at any moment," Brown prefaced before saying, "Like, you gotta be ready to lose or go home at any moment. So you gotta treat it with that level of awareness and that level of survival."

That's hardcore.

Boston Celtics feel urgency heading into make-or-break postseason

Brown sounds like, and most certainly is, a man obsessed with finally reaching the mountaintop and breaking the proverbial glass ceiling. Jayson Tatum sounds the same way, having come into the league a year after Brown and making just one fewer Eastern Conference Finals.

Never has there been more pressure to win for the Celtics than the upcoming postseason. Paul Pierce pointed that out in March, and "The Truth" is a man who knows firsthand the importance of raising a championship banner from the TD Garden rafters.

With the first round of the playoffs swiftly approaching and the Cs likely still thinking several rounds ahead, the focus may not be solely on the present; especially considering the weakness of the east's No. 8 seed in 2024.

But a team this obsessive about winning will likely kick into that next gear when the time is right. They have to, for the city of Boston's sake.