Celtics Redraft Over the Past 5 Years

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Khris Middleton

Shooting Guard, Boston Celtics

Wow, what could have been. To be honest, it’s crazy that these two players somehow lasted until the second round (Green at 35 and Middleton at 39).

Obviously, Draymond Green is a bonafide star for the Golden State Warriors. He’s an elite defender and arguably the most important part of one of the best teams in NBA history.

For one, he would have solved the Celtics age old quest to find an elite big man (not including Horford). He would provide Boston what they love – versatility.

Green can literally defend every position as evidence of his 3 All-Defensive Team selections and Defensive Player of the Year award.

On top of that, Green can score in a multitude of ways which would fit seamlessly with Boston’s system.

Khris Middleton was originally drafted by the Pistons. In his first season, he played above his second round expectations.

Then, he bolted town and joined the Bucks. Since then, he’s flourished into a two-way star.

His biggest strength is his ability to score anywhere on the court. Most notably beyond the 3-point line, where he shoots 40% on his career. He’s not limited to the 3-ball though as evidence of his 18.2 points per game.

With the Celtics, Middleton would play a similar role to Avery Bradley and further strengthen the C’s backcourt.

Unfortunately, the Celtics didn’t get so lucky. Instead, they ended up with Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo.

While Sully ended up being a solid starter for the C’s, he never took the next step. He struggled with weight issues for several years and never was able to expand his range.

As a result, the Celtics let him walk in free agency. Now after a year spent with the Raptors, he finds himself unemployed.

When Boston drafted Melo expectations were lofty. He was tabbed as an elite shot-blocker who dominated from the low-post. At 21st overall, it seemed the Celtics got a steal.

Sadly, this was not the case. Melo struggled to get on the court due to conditioning issues and low-basketball IQ. It wasn’t long until the Celtics cut ties with the big man from Syracuse.

Melo bounced around the NBA and overseas a bit before he unexpectedly passed away early this year in his home of Brazil.

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