Celtics Redraft Over the Past 5 Years

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CLEVELAND, OH – MAY 23: Jaylen Brown

Oh, how fans wish this could be a reality. It seems almost every year there’s a “sleeper” player in the NBA Draft who slips by several teams.

I know it’s difficult for many Celtics fans to admit Danny Ainge has been wrong, but it’s true.

Actually, Ainge has missed on numerous picks over time. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the struggles of nailing a pick. Even with hours of scouting, interviews and in-depth analysis there’s never a “sure thing.”

The only draft position where chances increase for a team to grab a future All-Star is in the early lottery.

Even then, it’s not a lock.

In this article we are going to turn back the hands of time to re-draft the Celtics last five years with the knowledge we have now.

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