Kevin Garnett Moving On Up


Kevin Garnett has been on the move this season. Garnett started the season ranked 16th on the all-time rebound list and has been slowly creeping up the list ever since.

On January 1st, KG moved into 15th place against the Wizards passing Hall of Famer Bob Pettit. Next up, KG passed Hall of Famer Jerry Lucas landing at 14th all-time on the list.

Garnett is not the rebounder he once was, but he has been averaging a solid eight rebounds per game this season.

As a member of the Celtics, Garnett averages about 569 rebounds per campaign.

With these expected totals and of course barring injury, KG should be able to move up two more spots this season and then possibly another three spots next season.

Time is surely against Garnett when it comes to making serious moves on the list, but realistically, KG should be able to end his career on the doorstep of the top five.


1Wilt Chamberlain23,924
2Bill Russell21,620
3Kareem Abdul-Jabbar17,440
4Elvin Hayes16,279
5Moses Malone16,212
6Karl Malone14,968
7Robert Parish14,715
8Nate Thurmond14,464
9Walt Bellamy14,241
10Wes Unseld13,769
11Hakeem Olajuwon13,748
12Shaquille O’Neal13,099
13Buck Williams13,017
15Jerry Lucas12,942