Flavor of The Month NBA Fans

At the beginning of the season, the Lakers were the clear favorite (in the eyes of the average NBA fan) to win the Finals again this year. Their likely matchup was to be against the Celtics, where there would be a rematch of the epic 2007-08 showdown. The season progressed, and the Lakers remained on the top of everyones list. “LA is going to win it this year there is no doubt. They are too deep, too talented, and too experienced.” During this time the Cavs were getting beat up and everyone had given up on them as having any chance in the East.

Eventually, as we all well know, the Celtics began to start their struggle as well. Now, just as quick as anything, the C’s werent getting the respect. Well, they don’t deserve it, but it doesn’t mean they arent going to be there when it counts. No, instead, the average NBA fan who likes to watch for enjoyment, takes in the flavor of the month.

This month the flavor has a hint of snobiness in it, with just a touch (but a mere pinch) of cockiness. How did you guess I was talking about the Cavs? Oh, after Cleveland rips off 13 in a row, suddenly they are going to win the Finals. Do they look good now? Sure they look good now, but so didn’t the Celtics in late October, early November, and the Lakers in November.

All I’m saying is wait a month, and the page will turn in the overwhelming response from fans. All it takes is the best record in the land and suddenly you have what it takes to go the distance. Afterall, the Cavs had the best record last year and won the Fi….. no wait, they lost in the Conference Finals in 6 games to the Magic. Many things are left to be solved in this season. We have a long, long way to go. Gotta do it when it matters the most.

 (Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images)