Daily Poll – Paul Pierce Trying to Stay Consistent

In an attempt to add new features to make Hardwood Houdini a more intriguing site to visit, we have tested out new ideas such as Player of the Week and Power Rankings, both of which have been accepted by the readers with great regards. Now we are going to do a test run on a daily poll that will be up every morning and throughout the day on the site for you to come in and respond with your opinion on the subject matter. The results from these polls will be kept and brought up further down the line when they apply to how the team is playing.

Yesterdays Poll Results: “Ray Allen should shoot more 3’s.”

Lately I have been keeping a close eye on Paul Pierce since his return from the knee infection. During the New Jersey Game I did a shot chart on him, and got a sense that his offensive game was maybe slipping back to normal. Then I see games like last night and wonder where his consistency is? Maybe I am too picky after how he started off the year absolutely on fire. What we have noticed alot about Pierce, is that he isn’t finishing around the rim as we are used to. Some of these and-1’s and even plays he doesnt get fouled on, he doesn’t power through to make the shot. Again, this is in shart contrast to the way he started the 09-10 season. He’s still got it, but as far as at this exact moment: