Celtics Bench Deserves Some Funny But True Credit

At 1:10 seconds in the 4th quarter of last nights game, the ball was flying around everywhere. Players from both sides were shoving here and there, but nothing out of the normal, to get the loose ball. At this moment, apparently Sheed did something wrong that caused the referee to call a foul on him. I wont get into my opinion on the foul (crap call), but I think Wallace had a reason to be upset. Like usual, we want him to get angry, but not to an extent that will hurt the team. At 1:10 seconds left in the game, a game in which the Celtics have come back from being 11 down, and are currently leading 96-93, we can not have  Technical foul called on any player, let alone a player who just fouled out and will never touch the floor again on that night.

At that point in the game, he had already fouled Udonis Haslem, and the Heat were in the penalty. Haslem hit both free throws, plus they would have had an extra point tacked on when they hit the techincal free throw. Tie ball game. Nevermind an extra point the Heat would have had, technical fouls tend to have this weird flow of energy with them. After any technical foul, especially late in the game when adversity is against the C’s because they are on the road, it makes it very difficult to combat.

Well the Celtics bench would not allow it to happen. In something I have never seen before, the entire bench barricaded Sheed off to the corner of the bench and partway to the locker room so only a limited amount of his words would reach the refs. In addition to their seclusion of him down the entrance, Tony Allen pretended to be stretching obviously in a way to block Rasheeds face from the court. Also, Scalabrine went over and tried to joke around with him to calm him down.

This was a clutch performance by the bench as they sprung into action from the history of Sheed. They have gotten used to his personality, and apparently a lot more used to being comfortable around him to an extent where they have no problem putting him in line. Don’t look past how big this decision by the Celtic bench was on last nights game. There were many huge plays, and this is one of them.