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Boston Celtics Daily Dish: Mother's Day 2014 Edition

Happy Mother’s Day, Boston Celtics fans!

Whether you’re a mom, have a mom, or know someone who is a mom, make sure you spread some love around today, will ya?

As a special treat to all the basketball-loving moms out there, I present a heart-felt edition of the daily links!

Both of the teams that player in the NBA Finals last year played Saturday night.  Check the scores, recaps and video highlights to see which series tightened up, and which is one only a mother could love.  []

Your Morning Shootaround opens up with a look at what the NBA believes it can regarding Shelly Sterling’s 50% ownership stake of the Los Angeles Clippers.  [NBA]  Too bad we couldn’t just focus on something like, the Clippers-Thunder Western Conference Semifinal, right?

The Spurs-Trail Blazers series has no ownership drama hanging over its head . . . and as the Daily Dime points out, it really has no drama at all right about now.  [ESPN]

I bet you’ve all been losing sleep wondering when ex-NBA player Tracy McGrady would get his first start as a pitcher for the Sugar Land Skeeters.   Rejoice!  He was the starting pitcher in the Skeeter’s game last night - see if he made his momma proud.  [Sports Illustrated]

If your dad was Bill Russell, wouldn’t you want him to school you on e the game of basketball?  I would – but apparently, he never talked hoops with his kids while they were growing up – see why.  []  If he was a mom, he would have!

And I’ll close today with a few shout outs from john over at big Red’s Army – he’s got quite a way with words, and possibly the ladies!



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