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NBA Daily Links: Melancholy Monday Morning Edition

Good morning!

The NBA regular season is so close I can almost taste it.  (Trust me, you don’t want to know what it tastes like.)  With three games kicking off the season tomorrow night, and an even healthier dose of games (14) on Wednesday, we’re all about to get our hoops fix satisfied in a big way!

Let’s take a look at some of the storylines headed into the regular season, then.

Over at, Sekou Smith presents his five fearless predictions for 2013-2014.  I don’t know if I would call ALL of these fearless, but he sure has an interesting idea of who will win it all this season.

Meanwhile, over at, Ian Thomsen has some more conventional picks.  Here him out – he has his reasons.

Stay over at – they have an interesting debate on the networks and analysts that cover the NBA.

Think the Boston Celtics have an outside shot at making the playoffs?  How about the Toronto Raptors?  Or any team in the NBA, for that matter?  These guys will tell you whether you should buy, or sell, stock in the teams in which you have the most interest. [Bleacher Report]

In a fantasy league?  Need a little help?  I’d set you straight, but it will cost you.  Free advice comes courtesy of The Fantasy Doctor, though! [Dime]

And your Boston Celtics fix today: see how ESPN projects the 2013-2014 season unfolding for the Cs.



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