Jan 24, 2013; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Celtics power forward Jared Sullinger (7) is guarded by New York Knicks forward/center Amar

Brad Stevens Says He's 'Very Disappointed' in Jared Sullinger

On the brink of a pre-trial hearing, Jared Sullinger has disappointed plenty of people in this domestic abuse case between he and his girlfriend. Among the people that he has disappointed is his head coach, Brad Stevens.

Stevens was asked by CSN New England how he felt about charges against Sullinger. He said that, just like everyone else he has spoken to, he was disappointed in Jared. “And when I talked to him, he was very remorseful and certainly disappointed” Stevens said in his interview with Kyle Draper of CSNNE.

This was such an unexpected development this offseason. Sullinger facing domestic abuse charges is something that you never saw coming. Anytime you see or hear about Sullinger, the comments are always good. He always seemed jolly and jovial and that is what makes this so hard to believe.

If the allegations are true, then Sullinger deserves to be punished accordingly. Under no circumstances should a man ever put his hands on a woman, nor should it happen the other way around.

Sullinger is being charged with assault and battery, destruction of property and intimidation of a witness. Sullinger was arrested just a week ago and  was later released on bail that day.

I am not going to accuse Sullinger of anything, but this all seems too deep to be just a simple misunderstanding or an act of miscommunication. As the story develops we’ll certainly find out more information about it.

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