Game 4 Preview: Boston Celtics vs New York Knicks

With the Celtics down 3-0 to the New York Knicks, not only do Boston’s playoff lives lay on the line, but so does an era. With the horrific play of Boston this postseason, many question whether we could be witnessing the last time Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce dawn a Celtics’ uniform.

The Knicks came in as the favorite to win this series, but not many could have seen this level of domination coming. The Celtics have looked old and slow, failing to score 80 points in any game so far.

Many were hoping that Boston left their offensive woes in New York, but they seemingly followed the Celtics right into the first few seconds of Game 3 as both Pierce and Garnett opened the game up by missing consecutive layups. That trend continued throughout the game as the Celtics shot just 40 percent.

The Celtics haven’t caught many breaks, but it appears they may have finally received one in the form of a J.R. Smith suspension. Smith was ejected n Game 3 for throwing an elbow at Jason Terry that knocked him to the floor.

Smith has been suspended for Game 4, giving the Celtics one less New York weapon to worry about on offense. The NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year winner had been averaging 16.3 points per game in the series.

No team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in basketball, but as Boston and New York fans know, it can be done in sports.

Back in 2004 the Boston Red Sox proved that anything is possible, as Garnett would say, by coming back down 3-0 against the New York Yankees.

While one win today might only prolong the inevitable end to this current era of Celtics’ basketball, a comeback has to start somewhere. Right?

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