Jan 19, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bulls point guard Nate Robinson (2) with the ball during the second half against the Memphis Grizzlies at the United Center. The Grizzlies won 85-82 in OT. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

A Woman's Perspective On Chicago Bulls' Nate Robinson

“He’s adorable.”

It’s hard not to roll my eyes, but in the way that you love a pug dog because it is unorthodoxly an object of worship, Nate Robinson draws in fans, regardless of sex.

But women have to fall in love with a 5’9″ little guy who won’t take no for an answer. Don’t interpret that the wrong way. It’s just that there’s something to be admired about a persistent man, and Nate has forged a career against expectations that his size and lack of ability to control his turnovers would land him out of the league.

Nate has made a career of chucking, and often making, big shots.

Sometimes he does it in garbage time. That’s just practice for when it does count, and Nate will always negatively alter the score for the winning team in garbage time. He manages to make blowouts look closer. That has to anger Bulls bettors in Vegas.

But beyond his spread-altering play, Nate offers a lot to a team. He’s exciting, and if you are a woman, go ahead and call him “adorable.”

It’s refreshing to see a little guy go against the odds, and we’re all reminded of the beloved Muggsy Bogues, who gave little guys everywhere a hope that they, too, could play at the highest level.

But we don’t all have 40-plus inch verticals, do we?


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  • Guest

    Lol the average height of a man is 5’8. Nate is 1 inch taller than that. He’s not “adorable” he’s average height..and how is this a woman’s perspective if you’re a male? i can see why you don’t work for Yahoo sports anymore lol. Do us a favor and stop writing stupid articles ugly fat boy.

  • Guest

    everyone go look at the author’s facebook. He’s a fat over-weight bug eyed loser with a ugly girlfriend. Sorry i’m i being too harsh? hahaha don’t make fun of my fam Nate. Then again, a woman’s perspective of you would also be “adorable” because you’d remind them of a hippo. a baby over-sized hippo :’)

  • Brett David Roberts

    I guess you are one of the guys who finds him adorable then. Clearly, I was quoting a woman here in my article. It’s also OK that you’re short; you don’t have to over explain it by quoting stats from 1968 to prove it.

  • Brett David Roberts

    Lastly, “Fam” is short for family, and I’m highly dubious of the idea that there are Nate Robinson’s family members reading my blog. Quit with the slang and acting like you have any affiliation with any player personally whatsoever. They’re just the posters you put on your wall.