NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Speculation On How to Obtain Memphis Rudy Gay (Without Giving Up Paul Pierce)

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Oddly, the Hollinger Analysis of this trade has both teams decreasing in win total.  But that isn’t the Holy Index of trade value, and this trade clearly has merits for both teams involved.

The Celtics would encounter the problem of having two starting caliber small forwards.  But that isn’t necessarily a bad problem to have, and Pierce’s minutes could be reduced which may even extend his career another year.

The C’s should to and may start Jared Sullinger at power forward, so removing Brandon Bass from the team may even be an addition by subtraction, in some sense.

So, the deal acquires Gay without having to give up Pierce, as stated it would.  Is that the best thing for the Celtics?  Is it realistic?

Danny Ainge has said the team may be content to stay with its roster as-is, but should be exploring all options to obtain Gay.

Especially ones that don’t include Paul Pierce.

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