Sep 28, 2012; Waltham, MA, USA; Boston Celtics forward/center Kevin Garnett (5) during media day at the Celtics training facility. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-US PRESSWIRE

Kevin Garnett Speaks Out About Ray Allen

“I thought we were good teammates, friends, brothers, and FAMILY. I loved him! He was an encouragement to me. He was family. I don’t like him anymore…It’s just life, and a job…But I lost a family member. I hope the Heat go 0-82 and lose all their chances they have! I don’t have Ray’s number anymore…he’s out of my life, and into my rivals!”

-Kevin Garnett on Ray Allen

Comments: This isn’t surprising coming from Garnett, whose attitude towards the game is always to dominate, and to do so regardless of who is on his team. Once a player is no longer Garnett’s teammate, he is rightfully an opponent, and he’s acknowledging that a once close bond is now forever severed by the fact he and Allen are no longer wearing Celtics green.

Lesson: Life goes on. Garnett will adapt to life with Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce, sans the NBA’s all-time leader in threes made. Jason Terry has come in to replace Allen, and I think Garnett will find Terry’s enthusiasm refreshing. Terry did, after all, have a Celtics logo tattooed onto himself for good luck. That kind of addiction to basketball bodes well for a team and fan base that has a lot of pride. The 18th banner might wind up in Boston, as Ray foolishly chases a ring in Miami.

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  • Kahini Chandriani

    Wow! Amazing immaturity from KG!

  • ian

    pretty sure they straight up made up that comment. not kidding.

    • Brett David Roberts

      Who is they?

      • ian

        dunno pal maybe you cause this wasnt printed anywhere else

  • kishbuff

    Stupid grandpa!

    • Anonymous

      dude these fuckers r lying, it ain’t real. KG DID NOT say that. Go watch the interview for yourself. Oh and BTW Ray is also A GRANDPA if Kg is one

  • Wovles Season Ticketholder

    If Ray had truly become a friend as KG states, that relationship as friends woul dhave transcended thier realtionship as teammates.
    Pretty shallow of KG to make those statements and shows that he has yet to understand that there is life beyond basketball.

  • Questionable…

    I’m a little confused, i haven’t heard this exact comment anywhere else from KG. Where did this come from? KG does minimal interviews with the media AND I didn’t hear him say this at media day. When and where did he say this?

    • Jane Smith

      Don’t be confused. You’re right. KG said he didn’t have Ray’s number. I think the rest of the story is purely an exaggeration on the part of the reporter. This is what the media does. THEY MAKE UP STORIES. The people above who are believing it are pretty gullible. Anyone who knows anything about KG knows he is intense and either all in or all out. There are no friends on the opposing team when you’re out on the court. What happens after retirement is a different story. Yes, that right, there is life after basketball and KG will be enjoying it with his friends.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope KG reads this so he can sue that ass, this b.s. This is a fuckin lie