LBJ over Russell? Child, please.

An Awful Proposition: LeBron James Dunking on Bill Russell?

Some people love photoshop. Some of those same people love unrealistic dreams, and the idea of LeBron James posterizing Celtics’ great Bill Russell is one of those unrealistic dreams. Sure, LeBron can get up, but this graphic clearly portrays him flying over Russell, with ol’ Bill nowhere near the pinnacle of his vert. Russell would have swatted the shot 10 rows into the stands, I am sure.

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  • Esiri Omerhi

    They were pretty much the same height and LeBron has 50 pounds on him. It’s not too far fetched


    Anyone can get dunked on. Like lebron can get blocked a lot of the times too.. but there’s no doubt that he could dunk on anyone just like Jordan , Vince and even Kobe . What s stupid story. If the person writing this story isn’t some old fart I am ashamed.

    • Brett David Roberts

      I am an old fart, 31 years and counting. It’s not a story at all, just commentary on a photo. Settle down and take a deep breath.

  • Roc24

    Really …Clearly you’re delusional!! Outside of Shaq (everybody) wud get posterized by this dude

    • Brett David Roberts

      Hakeem would also send his trash deep into the stands.