Ray Allen and the Miami Heat?

Since the end of Game 7, there has been a lot of speculation that Ray Allen may not return next season. There have been rumors that Allen is targeting the Knicks and Clippers, but it seems like he’d like to take his talents to South Beach to join the Heat’s version of the Big 3.

According to Steve Kyler, Editor and Publisher of Hoopsworld, his sources are telling him that Ray Allen wants to join the Heat and have another chance at getting a second ring.

The Celtics could easily retain Allen with the cap space they have this offseason, but as of right now, it looks like both parties are going to go their separate ways.

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Rondo and Allen didn’t get along this season, and throughout this Big 3 era, there had been a ripple between them. If that’s true, they never let their differences show on the court. But if there is a problem in the locker room, that could possibly escalate into a bigger chemistry issue involving other players.

With Ray Allen having offseason ankle surgery and not being as productive as he has been in years past, maybe it’s not a bad idea to let him walk. Avery Bradley proved that he can start at the shooting guard position, and played extremely well with Rajon Rondo during the second half of the season.

If Ray Allen chooses not to come back, the Celtics will have $10 million to sign another player to fill his role. It has been rumored that the Celtics will try hard to sign Jamal Crawford during free agency.

One thing to remember, shooting guards who are primarily jump shooters can always be replaced. Ray Allen was and still is a special player, but there are other players out there who can hit 3 point shots. It really is too bad that the Big 3 may not retire together in Celtic green, but looking at it from a player’s perspective, there is nothing like winning another championship.

Personally though, I don’t like the fact that he wants to go to Miami. Will I look at him differently if he goes there? Definitely, but I can’t forget the time that he spent in Boston. He helped the Celtics get Banner 17, and we got the opportunity to enjoy and watch 5 seasons of a future Hall of Famer.

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  • davidheatle

    i would like to see ray in miami..mike miller is hurt..he had a great game 5 but he said he gona chek his back with the doctors to see if he would have a surgery and probably retired…alle would be a gret fit to replace miller as a 3pt shooter..just hope miami make the right moves

  • davidheatle

    i just hope ray sign with miami..he would be a great fit to replace mike miller..i know miller had a tremendus game but i was reading an article about miller is going to check his back with the doctors to see if he gona have a back surgery witch may cost his retirement..ray didnt look same cuz he got a bone spur but once he got a surgery he will come back healthy to make threes again coming from the bench..kaman would be a great option too cuz he is 7 feet and could help with his offensive in the paint

  • davidheatle

    hope some body post a coment..i would like to see wat our haet fans say about it

  • Jakeopp

    I don’t like the idea of him joining the Heat, he’s always been one if my favorite players but there is no way i’m gonna cheer for him in Miami.

  • AlexReyes

    I’d rather have Ray Allen then a Steve Novak because he’s a a hell lot more complete of a player. As a Heat fan there’s no doubt we need a shooter, not a streaky one, but a player that can make those unguarded shots 90% of the time.

  • davidheatle

    am a ray allen fan too since the 90′s ..if he play with miami is gona be a dream for me cuz am wade fan too..but miami could sign both players for the mid-level exception..plus a descent center..miami got some extra money now with the championship won plus the tickets sales gona get higher..enything posible can happen now for miami good