Bass proved he can stay between James and the basket.

NBA Free Agency: Will Brandon Bass Ultimately Return To Beantown?

Brandon Bass has opted out of his contract and will now be an unrestricted free agent.

What does this mean for the Celtics?

A lot of bad things. In the last four playoff games, Bass scored in double figures in all games, posting 11, 10, 12, and 16 points in games four through seven of the series against the Heat. He also had a 27 point game against the 76ers on May 21st.

Make no mistake, Brandon Bass is about to get paid.

He does deserve it, too. Bass has worked hard since entering the league out of LSU, developing a solid mid range jumper and defense good enough to draw the assignment of LeBron James on several plays. He is capable of moving his feet, and he has a lot of strength. Teams can use players like that.

The thing about Bass, and this may or may not be an overstatement, is that I have always felt he had the talent to be an All-Star. I know that may never happen, and actually likely won’t, but on certain nights, Bass does look like an All Star. He sometimes erupts. He did it in Orlando, and after he was traded to the Celtics for Glen “Don’t Call me Big Baby” Davis, things only got better.

Bass immediately realized he could feed off a point guard like Rajon Rondo, and the array of shooters both from mid range (he himself and KG) and from distance (See: Ray Allen and Paul Pierce), would only further spread the floor for Bass to look for offensive opportunities.

He brings it all: offense, defense, and hard work.

Which team will step up and shell out the money for it?

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