Celtics Looking To Move Up In the Draft?

As we inch closer to the NBA Draft, its not all that surprising that we should be hearing rumors. Usually every year there are always rumors on whether the Celtics will be trading up or trading out of the draft.

Recently, Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe reported the Celtics are looking to move up in the draft and they have a specific player they’d like to go after. Supposedly, the Celtics want Harrison Barnes from the University of North Carolina.

Like in all rumors, I’d take this with a grain of salt, but its worth noting since Bob Ryan isn’t the only person mentioning the possibility of the Celtics trading their picks.

Andy Katz of ESPN would be surprised if the keep both picks in this year’s draft.

I’ll be surprised if Boston keeps both 21 and 22, but the Celtics need to make sure there is a palatable trade. This is a huge summer for Boston’s two 2011 draft picks, Purdue’s E’Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson, who didn’t get a chance to play much as rookies.

Seeing that there are multiple sources reporting this, its possible that we may see the Celtics move up. With this draft being as deep as it is, the talent level, and potential in this year’s class, trading up would be a great move by the Celtics.

I personally believe that if they can get into the top 10 picks, they’ll find their next franchise player, or at worst a very decent player who they could trade for an established star.

As time has gone on, it’s becoming quite clear that Danny Ainge wants to trade up to get a better quality player player. At what cost is he willing to get the player he wants? Thats unclear. But if he can pull off a deal without moving one of the main pieces of the team, then it will be possible to rebuild on the fly.

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