Celtics Draft Options: Option #4: Draymond Green

Option #4:  Draymond Green


Green is not expected to be picks until the early part of the second round, so trading down might not be such a bad idea.  Green is a  bit small to play power forward in the NBA at 6’6″, so teams may be scared because he may lack the speed to cover NBA small forwards.


One thing about Green is that he is capable of big games, and knows how to score the ball.  He also played all four years at MSU, which should prepare him well to adapt to the NBA.  He’s 22, so teams are not going to like the fact that such gives him only about 5 years before he hits his prime, but he came out at the right time.  It just happens to be a loaded draft class.


Green would fit nicely next to Brandon Bass in the lineup, because both are good athletes and have a knack for moving to the right spot at the right time, which is a big boon when playing with a point guard as good as Rajon Rondo.  Rondo will get Green a lot of good looks on the baseline, and Green can both finish and hit the mid range jumper, as the defense allows.  The problem may be sometimes getting his shot off, lacking the length to shoot over a lot of NBA big men.  His ability to make nice ball fakes and pump fakes should play a role, as Green is very sneaky with defenders.  He also is adept at drawing fouls, something that never hurts in the NBA.

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