Kendrick Perkins Arrested

Former Celtic great Kendrick Perkins was arrested, over the weekend,  in his hometown of Beaumont, Texas charged with public drinking and disorderly conduct. Things then got a little strange as the days went on. Perkins has claimed that he was only drinking water, was not drunk, and hinted around bringing police brutality charges against the arresting officers.

Perkin’s lawyer Langston Scott issued the following statement: “Mr. Perkins has maintained his innocence to the charges and is recovering at home with family suffering from injuries he received during the incident.”

The real losers here are the kids that missed out on attending a charity basketball game that Perkins was forced to cancel due to his arrest. There are clearly two sides to every story and we’ll see how this shakes out over the next couple of days.

Due to the current lockout situation, Perkins will not face discipline from the league as a result.



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