Troy Murphy And Mike Bibby To Sign With Heat?

Which comes as a total shock, the Miami Herald is reporting that free agents Mike Bibby and Troy Murphy are leaning towards signing with the Miami Heat.

This would be a crushing blow to the Boston Celtics, not only would they be missing out on two key additions, the Miami Heat would be addressing two areas of need. The swing could be enough to catapult the Heat over the Celtics once and for all. The Heat have shown an ability to cruise past lesser teams relying on the their Big Three, but have struggled when playing an elite team that features an above average guard and/or center.

Aside from a stronger Miami Heat basketball team, the Celtics would also have to deal with the throngs of fans berating local sports talk radio host before throwing themselves off the Tobin bridge claiming Danny Ainge traded away future hall of famer Kendrick Perkins for nothing.

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  • Brandon

    Yea there leaning towards the heat Im sure mike bibby is coming to Miami but Troy I’m not sold on yet…I hope so imagine how the celtics and bulls are going to feel when we can finally compete and beat them! As a heat fan for 15 years I’m ready like bosh said let’s get it done!!! GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jon

      You as dumb as lebron thinking y’all beat Boston in a four game series.. Heat can’t win 3 they suck Miami is full of scrubs

  • Brandon

    Wow Boston traded Perkins are u kidding me???? U expect those old guys in Boston to last against the heat in a 7 game series?? Ur a joke learn the game before u speak again heat will win the the time the playoffs comes around the celtics will be sore and banged up nd they won’t have any juice left just like the lakers this year watch and learn u fool oh and if lebron went to Boston you’d be up his u kno way so stop drinking the haterade!!!!!GO HEAT!!!!!!! Boston will fall!!!!

  • Ramon

    Lets be realistic, the Celtics are poised to beat the Heat in the playoffs (Heat fan here), but these 2 guys would be a better fit in Miami than with the Celtics.

    If Bibby joins the Heat could be a starter by next week and if Murphy joins the Celtics he will be picking his belly button lint by the time Shaq is back. I dont see either one of them getting more playing time or making a bigger difference than with the Heat, who are significantly worse at both positions than the Celtics.

    If they’re smart enough they’ll join the Heat, hopefully getting them one step closer to walking all over the Celtics when the games start to matter ;).