Poll: Rasheed Wallace

Should The Celtics Bring Back Rasheed Wallace?

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  • B-Rod

    Get ur ass in gear Sheed, the celtics need you and I would love to watch you “hoop” one more time.

  • Stan

    Sheed! Sheed! Sheed!

    C’mon dude, put down the bong and come back for at least the rest of this season. Sheed!

  • Seth

    Sheed if you sign with celtics you will win all they need is a big guy and your the man! all you have to do is play half a season and in the playoffs and you could win a ring! PUT THE BONG DOWN IDIOT

    • Stan

      Well, Sheed already has a ring, but I guess a second one wouldn’t hurt. The big stumbling block for a Sheed comeback would be putting down the bong.

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