Celtics Trade Deadline Recap

Well, the dust has settled on what was originally thought to be a pretty slow trade deadline for the Boston Celtics. We woke up and were constantly reminded about how the Celtics did not really have many tradeable chips to play. Enter Celtic president of operations Danny Ainge and today goes down as one of the busiest NBA trade deadline days in recent memory.

To Recap:

Trade #1. Celtics send center Kendrick Perkins and guard Nate Robinson to the Thunder for a 2012 first round draft pick (Clippers), forward Jeff Green and center Nenad Krstic.

Trade #2. Celtics send forward Luke Harangody and center Semih Erden to the Cavaliers for a second round draft pick.

Trade #3. Celtics send guard/forward Marquis Daniels to the Sacramento Kings for Cash.

What do you think? Was all of this worth it? Who is going to play against the Nuggets tonight?

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  • Paulo Cristobal

    bad…why perk? who’s gonna stop dwight now? unless the c’s wait till free agency and try to buy dwight..lol

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  • john english

    1st trade- Once you get past the sentimental part of perk it’s a really good trade. Green is a much better scorer and will compliment well with Rondo’s run and gun passing style of offense. Him baby and rondo are the future right now. perk isn’t healthy anymore so we might as well get rid of him while he’s worth something and krstic can take up space in the paint. Robinson will be more missed because he was the spark off of the bench, but he was probably to make the deal more enticing. Perk wasn’t in for the whole season minus all of two weeks so i’m not that nervous. It just changes the dynamic of how we defend down low on a howard or duncan. look for more trap defense instead of 1-on-1. I’m sure Jermaine O’Neal was offered but nobody really wants him anymore since the pacers he’s been a ghost of hisself.

    2nd trade- Not at all a problem for me as far as getting rid of Erden and Harongody. Both sold players sure, but replaceable beyond belief. I do think they were worth more than what we got for them but hey whatever.

    3rd trade- THIS one is a head scratcher for me. I just don’t see the need to ditch Quis, and for all reasons cash and a draft pick? There’s no reason you can’t get a decent player for him, even if it’s just someone to use to talk turkey during the off season for a back up guard or better true center.

    Overall- this thing makes sense. all of them. why? we’ve cleared up 3 spots on the roster. there’s been interest expressed in Dwight Howard wearing green from ainge so don’t be surprised if that talk becomes much more serious now. Also,more short term the c’s are huge on picking up vet’s right before play off time (anyone remember pj brown?) so i’d look for that as well as some signings of guys off waivers and stuff like that. Marcus Camby could be bought out and Leone Powe got let go from the cavs so they’re both very plausible short term. Also, there’s been a rumor of Sheed coming out of retirement for the playoffs so that just got a whole lot more plausible as well.

    Overall I don’t hate the trades, but time will tell as to what they become for the celtics. don’t count green 18 out just yet.