Take Nate Robinson's Leash Off And Watch Him Go

The guys a stud. He can flat out play basketball. For the whole season he has been held back both in New York, and now in his sort time in Boston, Doc has been holding him. He can shoot, he can score, he can dunk, heck he goes in and scraps for the offensive boards. Everytime he takes to the floor it is like he has the goal in his mind to prove everyone wrong. Why? He has to. At 5 feet 9 inches tall, he has to score, and he has to prove his worth.

While in New York, all he did was get set out for 15 straight games (the whole month of December), then came in and dropped 41 points on 18 of 24 shooting. In last nights game against Detroit, he finally looked comfortable that he could do his own thing. What did he do? He led the Celtics to victory. He didn’t just put in 14 points, he put in the most important time on the floor of anyone the whole night. The Celtics were flatter than a pancake, and it looked like another one of those games where the C’s wouln’t be able to muster any offense to finish out the game. That all changed when our new spark came off the bench.

Is it a little different than we are used to? Of course it is. As Celtics fans we have come accustomed to “we not me” mentality and that everything has to come off a pass. Nate can score like that as well, but we want him to create his own offense, because that is what he is best at. You have to get used to him taking an extremely deep three with 14 seconds on the shot clock. Some of them he will miss, but he has so much confidence in his ability when he shoots it, he will make the next one.

All he has left is to understand the Celtics system. In New York, all he had to worry about was shooting as much as he could, and playing no defense. Well, that isn’t how it is done here, and he has clearly accepted responsibility that he has to learn this stuff as quick as he can. I want to see Doc take chances. I want him to slip Nate Robinson in the game on more occasions, because Nate wants to win. He wants to win and he is going to play with great intensity, which is exactly what this team needs. I am a strong backer of this trade (as much as I miss Eddie), because Robinson can and will do great things for this team if his leash is taken off.

(Photo Via AP at NBAYahooSports)

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