Clippers Waive Ricky Davis - Could Celtics Be Interested?

Today the L.A Clippers waived former Celtics guard Ricky Davis. It is believed that the move was made to clear a roster spot after the trade that brought Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake to the Clippers . So far this season Davis is averaging 4.4 points per game in 13.9 minutes.

Via Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter:

It appears the Clips needed to clear a roster spot with additions of Blake and Outlaw, and so they needed to waive Davis.

Is it Danny’s time to make a move? The Celtics still have an open roster spot and it’s hard to argue against the fact that Ricky is a very athletic player. At this point maybe this is what this team needs. There are times when Eddie House is not a good fit off the bench and during these times Ricky could provide some much needed energy.

In all reality the chances of the Celtics picking up Davis are very slim. Right now this is not the team’s top priority but with a guy like Danny Ainge making moves anything is possible (no pun intended).

  • KWillis

    As a Hawks fan and on behalf of all Hawks fans everywhere I sincerely hope that Ricky Davis is the C’s addition at the trade deadline :)

  • greenbanner18

    It is definitely fun to think about although highly unlikely.

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  • randy

    Hey man, not to start another unpleasant round of exchanges with you but I can’t beleive you would even contemplate on bringing back Ricky The Ultimate Cancer to give us Celtic folks more ulcers.

    Just look at the records -superstars Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Dwade, Truth, Lebron among others had their worst season EVER while playing alongside Ricky Davis. You can also see that better dayts ensued for these guys when Ricky left. That should be a most clear red flag.

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  • Cs4eva

    dont hate on ricky hes an athletic and gifted baller and i think he’d be a perfect addition for this celtic team…just imagine the old, energetic, fun, and all-about-the-fans Ricky..nd nate robinson comin off the celtic bench…thats a championship right there..i mean ricky can shoot nd is a great dunker

    ok God Bless

  • greenbanner18

    Good point Cs4eva – Celtics have 2 open roster spots and that could be a very interesting pickup.

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  • Nicolas Curdy

    Can the Celtics make a real run for the NBA championship? After their performance against the Pistons I would say, why not! However, after their performance against the Grizzlies and the Cavaliers, not so sure. Opinions appear to be evenly cut between possible and unlikely. What do you think?

  • teaparty

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