Celtics Need a Break - Fans Need a Break

Whatever happened to that unofficial first half the season, who knows. After starting the season looking like a team who couldn’t be beat, the Celtics have flip flopped and look like a team that cant win. Collapse after collapse has led the Celtics to a 32-18 record. For most any other team that doesn’t sound like a bad record, and its not. The one problem is since Christmas, the Celtics have only pulled in 10 wins, and have a total record of 10-13 since that time. Now it is one thing to set off 10 games and say, “Ya well the team was 4-6, but that isn’t too bad because its just a rough stretch.” It is quite another to set off 23 games (28% of the season) and have that same excuse.

That is what makes it difficult as a fan. Of course we believe the Celtics have what it takes. I mean, look at their roster on paper: Pierce, KG, Ray, Sheed, Rondo, Perk, Eddie, Marquis, Baby- to me that is pretty stacked, and it is. That is what makes it so frustrating to watch and try to figure out. There were very high expectations, and anything less than a championship this year resembled failure.

Not only have we seen 2 seasons from the Celtics (Really good, and Really bad) but we also see 2 different teams in the same game. This just adds to the confusion as to what the identity of this team actually is. Come playoff time, should we expect the really good team to come out, or the really bad? If the great Celtics team comes out, we are making a run at the championship, but if the bad team comes to play, we could be looking at a first round bounce.

With all of that going through our heads, this long awaited break is finally here. It has been annoying to say the least, about a team I am usually excited to watch. I have a feeling I am not the only one who feels that way. So hopefully…HOPEFULLY the Celtics will come out after the break with a new fire in their eyes that we havent seen as they make a run down the home stretch of the season. At the same time, we don’t want them to peak too early. Teams like the Cavs may be peaking right now, and will have to get it wound back up for the post season. Theres no harm in always thinking of it positively.

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